What is a brand?

First, it is important to understand what a brand is not. A brand is not a logo, tagline, product name or anything that you can point to or hold in your hand. A brand is the feeling that consumers have about your product, service or destination. Smart marketers proactively work to help consumers arrive at the right conclusion about their products rather than leave it to chance. It’s done through a combination of advertising, marketing and promotional efforts, but most importantly, it is accomplished by consistently delivering on the Brand Promise.

What is a brand strategy?

A Brand Strategy defines some basic truths about a company or destination, including a Brand Essence and Brand Promise and provides concrete ideas for how to take the brand successfully into the future. The Brand Strategy guides the actions of all team members, ensuring that marketing, PR and all other communication is consistent with the Brand Personality and focused on the right outcome.

Who needs a brand strategy?

Every business or destination, no matter the size, needs a brand strategy though sometimes for different reasons. Small to mid-size companies or destinations need a strategy to define who they are and how to best communicate it to the public. Large, well-known entities need a strategy that keeps the entire team focused on consistently delivering on the Brand Promise.

Our approach to branding

We believe that brands succeed when a couple of factors are considered.

  • The brand is portrayed truthfully, setting aside lofty ambitions about what the organization or destination may evolve to in the distant future.

  • The product or destination is unique or at least has some unique attributes or experiences that differentiate it from competitors.

At Mikula-Harris, we have developed a proprietary Brand Development Package that combines research + experience + our creative perspective to build a powerful brand. The Brand Development Package includes a written report that defines the brand’s position in the marketplace with a keen eye towards differentiation from competitors. The package also includes the foundation for a visual identity, which is the first step toward bringing the brand to life.

For more information on the unique Mikula-Harris Brand Development Package, call or e-mail today.

"At our very first meeting with the Mikula-Harris team, they came to listen, learn and understand our goals for Rooted in Appalachia."
Kathlyn Terry,
Appalachian Sustainable
"They collaborated tirelessly with our group of 15 stakeholders, offered critical advice, and worked within a shifting and uncertain budget to create an impactful campaign that our stakeholders, businesses, local governments and region have really embraced. We are excited to see what will come next."
Justin Kerns,
Mecklenburg County