Many thanks to the great staff at Southeast Tourism Society for sharing this article.

If word of the strategy explained in the article ever got out it could completely transform the tourism industry, not to mention give the economy a massive shot in the arm. The strategy: Advertising Works.

This article doesn’t engage in any irrational exuberance. It rightly points out that travel is still down from previous records and notes that travelers are spending less and looking for good value. Still, the campaign allowed Utah to fare better than many places. The $3.2 million campaign generated $222 in traveler spending for every dollar spent, not to mention $18 in tax revenue for every dollar spent. I can think of no other investment that a state, county or municipality can make that will generate that kind of return.

This great strategy is not guaranteed to work for everyone, however. Salt Lake County’s Mayor zeroed in on the full secret when he said, “The message is, advertising works and good advertising works even better.” The “Utah — Life Elevated” campaign is worth a closer look. The campaign doesn’t waste time telling travelers what they can see. Instead it communicates the wonderful experience of being in Utah. It implies that you will feel transported to some place different, some place better. The campaign is not about what you’ll see. It’s about how you’ll feel and how much better your life will be, if only for a brief vacation. That, my friends, is effective tourism advertising. Kudos to the great state of Utah for getting it right and focusing on the experience in a highly creative way.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?


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