A question I am occasionally asked by clients is when is the right time to re-brand. While there are practical considerations about when to launch a re-branded web site or a new ad campaign, there is no wrong time to start improving your brand’s health. In fact, brand management and strategy review should be an ongoing process. Sadly, that’s not always the case, especially in smaller to mid-size organizations.

If you have the slightest feeling in your gut that your company’s, product’s or destination’s brand is not all that it can and should be, then it’s time to act. Promptly! A weak or deteriorating brand should not go unaddressed. It’s like ignoring the warning signs of a heart attack. An outdated or otherwise inadequate brand image could be causing your customers to go somewhere else or keeping new customers from walking through your door. Not dealing with the problem not only costs you business, it could make the problem more difficult to fix.

Timing the launch of a web site or any other marketing campaigns can be a part of a comprehensive branding strategy. But don’t let the health of your brand suffer for even one day.


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