“Properly done, branding is a service to the consumer.”

We made that bold statement in a white paper and again in a recent webinar. It’s worth a few moments to explain why we believe it to be true. Too often people think branding and advertising are the same thing. Sadly, because of the actions of a few, advertising is about as highly regarded as a profession as used car sales. (see Gallup Poll) How do we make the leap all the way to public servants?

We believe that successful brand building is not accomplished simply by telling the consumers what they want to hear. That only works in politics. To build a strong brand the entire foundation of the brand has to be built on truthfulness. At Inprint we believe that branding is about helping people to arrive at the right conclusion about a product, service or destination. Advertising is a creative way to communicate that truth about the brand, not a license to exaggerate it. And helping people find the truth is always a service.


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