We have been fortunate to develop some great professional relationships over the years. Rarely does a day goes by when I’m not reminded about how important these associations are for our clients, even though some of our vendors never meet our clients. We frequently buy services like printing, media space and specialty items on behalf of our clients. Sometimes we use highly skilled partners to extend our capabilities – like web programming, photography, videography, voice talent and illustrations – so that our team can remain singularly focused on the strategic and creative work that we do best.

Our vendors/partner relationships have been built over many years. Of course, they are with professional people that we enjoy working with. But they are also with individuals or companies that have proven their expertise time and again. Knowing that a job will get done right and on-time allows us to sleep better at night.

I want to use this space to thank our vendors and let them know that we appreciate their work serving our clients. We hope our clients think of us the same way.


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