As a follow up to my last blog post about true rebranding vs. what some people cavalierly refer to as rebranding, I am pleased to share some information with you about Inprint’s work to rebrand the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. The initial research phase began more than six months ago. That was followed by extensive analysis and then the creative work to bring the brand to life. The result is a shift in the strategy for selling the region to travelers and a new, fresh brand identity for the organization that better reflects the region’s vitality.

This client understood from the beginning that rebranding is more than just slapping a new logo on a business card. The RVCVB Director of Marketing, Debora Wright, is a savvy marketer who is committed to taking the organization to new heights. She knows the importance of good research and made sure we got every morsel of data we requested. She then held our conclusions and strategy recommendations – not to mention the creative work – to a high standard. Since we keep the the bar set pretty high for ourselves, this made for a terrific collaborative relationship between the RVCVB and the Inprint creative team.

Over the next several blog posts in this space I’ll share some of the details of the rebranding strategy. I’ll also show you some of the creative work including the brand identity and the new advertising campaign. It’s work that we’re proud of, and that the entire Roanoke Valley can be proud of, too.


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