I have always admired people from all walks of life who
do their job with great enthusiasm. The delivery driver who carries heavy boxes
in from the pouring rain and still manages a smile and a “have a nice
day.” A janitor who cleans up after other people and manages to whistle
while he works. All the way up to white collar executives who are always
looking for ways to improve their organizations. Their attitudes enable
them to do their jobs better. Yes, any job.

I work in a creative business around some wildly creative
people. We have tried to build an environment that nurtures that spirit and
fans the flames of creativity. From the way we schedule projects to the way we
encourage collaboration, we want our entire team to always remain focused on
the development of great ideas. The one thing that creatives (to refer to
themselves, advertising people add an “s” to the adjective to create
a noun) are enthusiastic about is ideas.

Sure, we have to hold staff meetings occasionally. Sometimes we
have to troubleshoot technology issues. We also have to deal
with paperwork, office supplies and other assorted mundane matters like every
other business in America. Thankfully, all those things are fairly minor diversions
and the bulk of our time is dedicated to ideas and creativity. I’m grateful to
be able to spend my days in that kind of environment. Whatever you do, I hope
you’re able to say the same thing about how you spend your days.


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