Last week we were in the middle of a heat wave here in
Roanoke where the daytime temps were flirting with 100 degrees. You might think
that would make it difficult to focus our thoughts on an ad for skiing. Not at
all. In fact, it was wonderfully refreshing to think about a blue sky and
powder day, imagining the wind on my face and the burn starting to build in my
legs. If you called one day last week and I didn’t answer my phone, now you
know why. I was in Colorado in my daydreams for a little while anyway.

My friend Linda called to ask if Inprint would create an ad for the Roanoke Ski Club. When we tackle advertising projects, I
think our creative team is very good at capturing the full experience of what
our client has to offer (look for a video blog soon on this subject). We take
it beyond just sharing facts and figures to make ads more powerful and emotional. When Linda called I knew we could
have fun promoting the experience of skiing.

Once we got down to work on this ad, it became clear that we weren’t
simply selling the experience of skiing. We needed to sell the
experience of being part of the Roanoke Ski Club. It’s a mix of the joy of
being on the slopes and the social pleasure of sharing good times with like-minded
people. The result: a very cool half-page ad that through its design, tone, words and images truly projects the enthusiasm and sense of humor the club members share.

Now if you’ll excuse me, in my ongoing daydream the
chairlift is almost at the summit and I want to get in a couple of more runs before lunch.


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