Like most entrepreneurs, I tend to keep my eyes and
thoughts fixed on what lies ahead and not on the past. I get excited about what
the future holds and I think about what new clients and assignments will come
our way next. Once in a while, however, it is gratifying to look back at the
work we've done and the relationships we've built over the years.

We consider it an honor and a compliment that we have
client relationships nearly as old as our agency (18 years). That's really
remarkable in our line of work. The longevity of these relationships is based
upon more than the simple notion that they like our work. It goes deeper than that. It means that there
is mutual respect for each other's ideas — a genuine sense of partnership. It
also means that they have confidence that we will put as much creative energy
into the next project as we put into the first one.

To the long-time friends and clients reading this blog, a
heartfelt "thank you" from our entire creative team. We’re glad that we have
been able to help you move your brand forward during our years working
together. And you have allowed us to do satisfying creative work. Producing great creative work that genuinely helps the client succeed is, after all, the main reason we
started our business in the first place.


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