I love the concept of Tourism Trails. Not only are they
are wonderful marketing tools for destinations, but they are also a great
convenience for travelers. It's easy to see why they are becoming so popular
with the traveling public: 1. Convenience. There is nothing for the consumer to research. The trail's
brochure or website usually includes everything you need, even information on where to stay, dine and shop in addition to the main attractions
of the trail; 2. Flexibility. A trail presents all the options then leaves
the rest up to you. Proceed at your pace. Skip stops that don't appeal to
you. Explore some of the trail one day and come back again another day to
finish. 3. Targeted. A trail's theme can revolve around any topic such as a
hobby, sport or historic event. Because the trail links together places relevant
to the theme, the traveler can really relate to it. Consumers can feel like the
trail was created by like-minded people just for them.

Our firm has been involved in branding and promoting several great trails. One for wine lovers, one for outdoor recreation on the James River
and another for history enthusiasts to learn about the westward migration of
America's early settlers across the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can see examples
and read case studies at www.inprintinc.com

One of my favorite trails is one I learned about at
STS Marketing College. Unfortunately, my firm was not involved in branding and
promoting this trail, but I'm still pleased to share it as a great example. The
Louisiana Culinary Trail certainly had plenty of material to work with given
the rich culinary traditions throughout the state. This statewide initiative is
logically divided into seven regional trails. The website looks great and
filled with interesting features including recipes. Kudos to Louisiana Travel
Promotion Association for doing a great job.


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