Inprint is a unique agency.

There are branding firms that develop great brand strategies but only in the broadest possible sense. They provide a rationale for their conclusions and some generic mock-ups to demonstrate how it can be implemented. They are not interested in the detailed work that follows, like: creating a media plan; art directing photography, building and programming a website, designing a brochure and managing it through to ink on paper.

Then there are design studios and advertising agencies who plan, write, create and supervise all kinds of projects, like annual reports, brochures, websites, publications, environmental graphics and more. In addition to the many things these firms do, they may also develop brand identities. These firms certainly offer sound marketing advice, but not all of them provide the big picture kind of vision needed to build a brand — like focusing on a brand experience and differentiating from the competition. A small percentage will have a vertical specialty, that is to say, have deep expertise in a particular industry.

The firm that I co-founded with David Harris in 1991, combines both of these models. So, I sometimes have prospective clients wonder how they can take advantage of our creative team’s expertise in advertising, website design, etc., even if they are not quite ready to re-brand. Here are some good ways to engage our firm:

• Ad Campaign – Perhaps your brand identity and positioning are solid, but your print and/or online advertising are underperforming.

• Website – Once again, your brand identity and positioning may be solid, but your website doesn’t tell your story effectively.

• Alignment – Your tourism, chamber, economic development and government websites should be singing the same tune.

• Niche Markets – We love developing tourism initiatives to complement a community’s main destination marketing, like a wine trail, heritage or cultural programs, culinary trails or other creative programs.

• Regional Promotion – Sometimes it makes sense for cities, towns and counties to partner and promote a region together in a way that complements each partner’s local efforts.

Of course, destination branding is a major strength for Inprint. If a community is ready to dive into tourism promotion for the first time and needs to develop a brand strategy from the ground up, we’re the perfect firm to choose. If a community’s brand is outdated and needs new life, we’re able to help with a re-branding process. But we also serve clients by helping them get the fundamentals right, like powerful advertising, great websites and effective brochures and publications. If we can help make good brands even better, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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