If you're like me, you frequently cruise down the highway on the way to your destination without giving a minute of thought to the counties and small towns that you pass through at 70-ish mph. In recent years as Inprint has worked with numerous tourism clients it has become clear to me that every community has a story to tell. Something that makes it unique and special. Something quirky, funny, historic, shocking, dramatic or sentimental that happened that if you only knew about it would make you say, "tell me more."

Sometimes those stories lurk beneath the surface just waiting to be uncovered. A veneer of an average small town can provide a convincing disguise when the community could in fact be the birthplace of someone (or something) special; scene of a turning point in history; home of a natural, geological or man-made oddity.

William F. Buckley said there is only 1 out of every 1,000 people who does not have an interesting story about his or her life, and even that person is interesting because they are the 1 out of 1,000. I'm convinced that places are the same way. Working for a branding and advertising agency that specializes in tourism has opened my eyes. I, for one, am enjoying getting to know some wonderful places.


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