1. Can you explain your destination’s brand in a single, concise sentence?

2. If you asked a co-worker, board member, community leader or elected official to explain the brand, would his or her single sentence be remotely close to yours?

3. When making decisions about advertising, websites, social media, event sponsorships or press releases does anyone in the office stop to ask, "Is what we're about to do consistent with our brand objectives?"

4. Does anyone know what your brand objectives are?

5. Do you have too many brand objectives? In other words, are you trying to be all things to all people?

Unfortunately, these are all very common problems at DMOs across America. A well-defined brand strategy acts as a rudder. If it’s paired with good advertising that is both strategic and creative, together they will steer the DMO to success. Remember, smart branding is not about appealing to the greatest number of people. It’s about having the greatest appeal with precisely the right people.


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