It’s rare for me to be stricken with a case of agency envy. You know, that feeling advertising professionals get when they see creative work and think, “I wish my firm had done that.” I have a case of the envies right now, thanks to the State of Montana, which just launched an awesome Shaped by Winter campaign.

I saw a simple but beautiful full-page ad in SKI Magazine yesterday and found two 60-second radio spots on the internet. Indeed, they make me want to pack up and head to Montana right now!

Two main reasons for my jealousy:

1.  I would love to have a client in the ski industry. I think our creative team here at Inprint is really good at selling travel experiences. I know we would do a kick-butt job of selling the ski life.

2.  The opportunity to sit at a conference room table and talk with the great Warren Miller. He’s a skiing legend, an icon, a genuine one-of-a-kind folk hero who found a way to make a living doing what he enjoyed. His love for skiing and his sense of humor came through loud and clear in his work.

Congrats to the State of Montana for producing a great campaign.


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