A ton of articles and web links come flying across my Twitter stream every day. I peruse some of them and re-tweet a few but I rarely blog about one. I couldn't let this go without comment because it is an excellent demonstration about the importance of logos and the role they play in brand building.

Let's be crystal clear about something: a logo is not a brand. A brand is intangible. It can't be held in one's hands or pointed to on a business card. A brand is the way a person feels about a product or destination. The logo, however, is likely to be the most visible representation of a brand. Seeing a logo can make someone recall how they feel about a product. It’s a powerful advantage for a company or a destination to have if the mere presence of their logo stirs up a memory or an emotion. You can help gain that advantage by having a unique, professional and memorable logo. The five year old in this video proves the point.



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