I am writing this from Tunica, MS, where the Southeast Tourism Society is hosting its Spring Meeting. We have chosen this venue to make a big announcement about our company as we head into our 21st year. We are changing the name of our company from Inprint to Mikula|Harris.

This was a complicated decision, yet we knew deep down that it was the right thing to do. Any entrepreneur reading this knows how attached you can be to your business. It has a life of its own and you share in that life every single day. Your lives become entwined. So a major change like this gets a lot of time, attention and debate. But my business partner, David Harris, and I both arrived at the same conclusion. The name Inprint no longer represents the full scope of what we offer to our clients. It represented us well for a long time. In fact, the name was truly a stroke of brilliance at the time. When we started our firm we had great plans to provide excellent creative work for any project that needed to end up in print. We wanted to work with clients who cared as much as we did about big ideas and great design. We wanted to work on corporate identities, ad campaigns, brochures, catalogs, publications, packaging and whatever other challenges a client could throw at us. We did all those things and we thrived.

Over the course of two decades much has changed. One thing, perhaps you've heard of it, is called the internet. With it came website design, email marketing, social media, SEO, and a whole host of strategies to guide them all. In recent years, print media as a percentage of our workload has continued to shrink as web and branding consultative work have grown. We have developed into a full-service, high-quality, specialized ad agency. In fact, our new company name Mikula|Harris will frequently be accompanied by the descriptor: Branding, Advertising, Design. We believe this new name will take us through our next two decades.


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