Creativity Sells. You've read that in this blog many, many times. It's a deeply held belief at Mikula|Harris. In order to believe this, though, one must also think that consumers are smart. That the target of advertising is bright enough to understand a unique campaign. That the public does not need to be spoken to like a child. That they are capable of interpreting a marketing message more complex than a giant starburst saying "save 20%."

Fortunately, our agency works with a lot of clients in the tourism and hospitality industry, whose target audience is not only smart enough to comprehend creative messaging, they are eager for it. I believe that consumers in general, and folks who enjoy travel in particular, want to be convinced. They are interested in unique and authentic experiences and actually want to hear about them through advertising. Conclusion: the destinations with well-defined brands and clever advertising that speaks directly to their particular target audience is going to win the competition for visitors every time.


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