Here’s some good news in a place where we haven’t seen much of it lately: the economy. To be more precise, the sector of the economy dealing with travel and tourism is showing hopeful signs. Two respected sources recently forecast a strong summer season for hotels in the United States.

The airline industry is also expecting a profitable year. Fuller flights may mean longer lines for boarding and cramped overhead compartments, but it also means efficiency. Of course, the outlook for airlines can change quickly given the volatility of fuel prices.

I know what some of you are thinking. This news also means that the traveling public will be paying a little more this summer. How is that good news for us? It’s a valid point. I’ve always said that this blog has the smartest readers on the planet. I contend that this is good news for two reasons: a. The mere presence of this level of travel and economic activity is encouraging for our sluggish economy; b. Healthy and profitable companies are better for the traveling public, employees and the economy, than weak ones teetering on insolvency. Wouldn't you prefer to fly an airline that is not cutting corners on everything, including maintenance?

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Now you can look for it as you’re flying high on a crowded but, hopefully, profitable airline.


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