Sometimes Good News Monday features stories of extraordinary acts of bravery, generosity or leadership or the positive use of fame and celerity. Today’s good news comes from a simple act of human decency.

Last week in Raleigh, NC, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient had wandered away from the security of his home. Police were looking for the man so a veteran UPS driver decided to be alert as he drove through the neighborhoods where the man could have wandered. Sure enough, he found the man and contacted police who returned him to safety.

The entire incident had no drama. No struggles. No chase scene. No big reward. One honorable man simply engaged another in conversation while waiting for help to arrive. In other words, he treated the elderly gentleman with compassion and dignity. Any time such acts of decency happen in our world, it’s good news.


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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