Stories like this are why I started Good News Monday. I've featured stories of generosity, heroism and overcoming obstacles, but occasionally one comes along that totally renews your faith in mankind. This is one.

This story is about kindness and compassion. The first act of compassion was by a grandson trying to fulfill a wish for his dying grandmother. That required asking something of a business. Let's face it, sometimes businesses are rigid and unable (or unwilling) to accommodate a lot of requests. Not this time. Wait, it gets better. The story hit Facebook and now has over 660,000 Likes. Seems a lot of other people yearn for this sort of good news in our society.

I go to New Hampshire a couple of times a year to visit family. I sometimes drive right by the Panera Bread in Nashua. I assure you, I'll be stopping in to patronize this restaurant as often as possible.


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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