What important life lessons can be learned from this
wonderful story
? So many that it's hard to know where to start.

• If one is willing to give unconditional love — as the
adoptive parents in this story truly were – the result can be miraculous.

• There is innate goodness in all people. A malnourished
and orphaned child in a war-ravaged land was brought to a nurturing family in a
land of opportunity and grew to be a loving son, caring big brother and good
friend to many.

• Communities, especially those made up of young people,
can be open and welcoming to people of different backgrounds.

Finally, the most important lesson and the reason this
story belongs in Good News Monday comes in the next to last sentence in the
article. An amazing amount of things had to happen in order for this wonderful
family to be together. In their own words. “Prayers were answered.”


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