This is a risky choice for Good News Monday. I have to
walk a tightrope here between the good news and, well, let’s just say
not-so-good-news. The online article that inspired this blog contains both.

At first it might seem contradictory that when the
overall economy stinks more new businesses pop up. It actually occurs during
most economic slowdowns. When people are laid off from long-time jobs and can’t
easily find another, they often choose to pursue a business idea that they've had
in mind for many years. It may be producing their own invention or their dream of combining a hobby with a
business. Whatever the idea, with no job prospects in sight, they figure this is the perfect time
to try to make a go of it.

Personally, I think that’s good news for several reasons:

• These entrepreneurs will never know if their business
idea could succeed until they try it.

• Being your own boss is a wonderful feeling. It's a lot of pressure and requires more time and sacrifice than most people realize, but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

• If these new businesses survive until the economy
improves, they may expand and create more jobs. Even one or two more jobs is
significant. A successful business is not measured by the number of employees.

• Some of these businesses could become wildly
successful. If it offers a great product for which there is much
demand + the owners make wise decisions + the economic conditions are ripe for
growth = success. It’s a beautiful thing when all the pieces fit together

It’s good news that the entrepreneurial spirit lives on
and cannot be dampened by a temporarily weak economy. 


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