A presidential debate has such high stakes that it must
be stressful. Mitt Romney made an excellent choice to fly directly to
Virginia post-debate because October is a great time to be in the Blue Ridge
Mountains. Governor Romney is in Fishersville, located between Waynseboro and
Staunton. Tomorrow morning he has an appearance in Abingdon about 200 miles
southwest not too far from the Virginia-Tennessee border. Just thought I'd make a
few suggestions to help the Governor make the most of his time in our great state:

• Take a moment to cruise in that sweet campaign bus down
Main Street in Staunton. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, it’s one of
America’s finest Main Streets

• A great way to unwind would be to take a relaxing float
on the Upper James River Water Trail. You don’t need a lot of time. You could
do an easy trip in a few hours. Put your feet up and let the secret service do
the paddling while you gaze at the mountains and watch for wildlife. The river is calling.

• Stop in at my office just outside of Roanoke. We have
much to chat about. Growing up in New Hampshire, I spent plenty of time around
Lake Winnepesaukee, an area that I know you're fond of.

• Once you get to Abingdon, stop by the visitor center
where they will help you plan your day. One thing is certain, you’ll find some
great places to eat in Abingdon. Make sure you choose a place from the Rooted
in Appalachia website
to ensure that they use top-quality, locally-grown

• You’re in luck, there just happens to be a music
festival in Abingdon
this weekend. It’s last minute but I can probably get some
tickets for you. I know people.

At all of those places you will find friendly people who
will make you and your family and staff feel like, well, like VIPs. Believe me,
there is so much more. Maybe after the election you can come back with an even
bigger entourage and do some biking or fly fishing in the Alleghany Highlands.


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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