The Virginia Tech Hokie Nation has done it again. The
students, faculty, alumni and fans have exhibited tremendous class and grace in
recent years – from their enthusiasm for their beloved football program to the
collective response to a horribly tragedy. This time the baseball team is making
for all the right reasons.

A young fan has made quite an impression on this team
even though he’s years away from being an eligible recruit. He’s 12 years old
and has been a fan since he was eight. He’s no ordinary fan, though. He has
battled childhood cancer. Normally, the fans in the stands do all sorts of wild
things to support their team. In this case, the players on the field have done
something to support their very special fan – all the players on the team shaved their head.
These college athletes are doing more than making a gesture for their fan, they’re
raising money and awareness. Perhaps more than anything else, they are letting a
boy know that he is not alone. Go Hokies!


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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