It has been a difficult week to find good news. We are all still shocked by last Friday’s school shooting. From the news reports and social media posts I’ve seen, the event has stirred up a lot of different emotions including anger, denial and confusion. One feeling that is almost universal is a profound sadness. So much so, that it feels a little strange to be talking about good news. It seems appropriate that we should be sad a little longer. Yet this is exactly why I started Good News Monday in this blog. If there is a glimmer of goodness in a tragic situation, it’s good for the soul to find and embrace it. It doesn’t mean we stop feeling pain. As complex beings, we are capable of sorrow and hope at the same time.

As with most tragedies, stories of heroism slowly emerge from the chaos and communities — indeed, entire nations — unite. In the case of Newtown, Connecticut, teachers gave the ultimate sacrifice as they shielded children from harm. Most people had the decency to keep the focus properly on offering support and prayer for the victims and families. The mayor, governor, president and everyone in between worked together regardless of differences. My favorite storyline to emerge from this event is the idea from journalist Ann Curry that to honor the victims, everyone is encouraged to perform 26 acts of kindness toward strangers – one for each victim at the school. It’s trending on Twitter with the hashtag #26acts. It’s hard to call it good news. It is, however, a good idea.


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