I think we can all agree that there are some grossly overused phrases in the corporate world (outside the box, run it up the flagpole).
I detest some but admit to using others. I think there are two
reasons why some phrases get overused.

1.  Everyone
wants to sound like they are right on the “bleeding edge” (another overused
phrase) of everything — technology, trends, tactics.

2.  It
is rooted truth and there is simply no better way to say it.

So, today I present to you my least and most favorite
overused phrases.

Least: "At the end of the day." This phrase is used in
relation to business, politics, morality, almost anything. And I’m tired of
hearing it. When speaking of major initiatives with long-term implications, the
end of the day is utterly meaningless. Let’s talk about the end of the quarter
or the year or even the decade.

Most: "Partners for success" (or variations relating to
vendors being considered partners). I have tried my best over my 20 years as an
ad agency co-owner to avoid using clichés, but the truth is that in order to be
successful our client relationships must be viewed as a genuine
partnership. I haven't figured
out any other way to say it. Over the years we’ve had many wonderful clients who grasp
this concept and a few who don’t. Guess which ones have benefitted the most
from our creative team and our expertise? Not because we work harder for them,
but because their understanding of how a true partnership works allows the best
ideas to be debated and eventually see the light of day. By contrast, a client who views us (or any
creative firm) as just another vendor is limiting the results. By clinging to
the purchaser-vendor perspective they are in effect saying: I don’t want the
full scope of what your team can offer me.

At this point in the life of our agency, we seek only
those clients who are capable of accepting a creative firm as a partner. As
specialists in our area of expertise, we certainly have more to offer than
generalist firms. We want to help every tourism client double inquiries from
their advertising and websites. We want to help clients speak to many more
interested prospects through savvy social media practices. We want to show them how to save
money by developing a media plan that reaches the audience best suited to your
destination. We want their destination’s brand to be compelling and unique.
We’ve delivered all of this and more to clients — make that partners. Sadly,
we’ve also discovered that we can’t force it on those stuck in the vendor
mindset. Reminds me of another cliché. How does that one go? You can lead a
horse to water…


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