A couple of weeks ago while feeling reflective I posted a
look back at the year of 2012. Now on this second day of the new year, I’m
ready to look ahead. Here are a few resolutions, goals or promises for 2013.

• I resolve to be out of the office more in 2013. I’m not
pledging to take more vacation time (although my co-workers seem to enjoy when
I’m away). I hope to spend more time visiting with clients, listening to their
challenges and understanding their perspectives. Plus, I want to meet new
clients and forge new partnerships. Don’t be surprised when I show up on your

• I pledge to give credit where credit is due. I work
with some amazingly talented people and I want others to know it. We
collaborate a lot in our office and it has always been understood that when an
idea leaves here it is a “Mikula-Harris Creative Team” idea, not an individual
one. I like that we all agree on that approach, but I also want our clients and
the rest of the world to know about my gifted co-workers.

• I promise to write and teach more. We have not posted a
new white paper or hosted an educational webinar in quite a while. I thoroughly enjoy both so I pledge to increase our output of informational material. A brand new white paper is in its final stages of review and should be posted
soon. I hope to host a webinar within a few months. Stay tuned.

I could go on and on with resolutions. Keep my office
cleaner. Be more efficient with my time. Stay away from the lunch
buffets. Not only are those boring resolutions, but if past experience is an
indication they’re probably not going to survive past the first week of January anyway.

What are your business related resolutions? Share your thoughts here or on our Facebook page.


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