How many people reading this blog have ever even attended
a school board meeting? I’m guessing a small percentage. Yet the decisions made at
these meetings are important to the future of the community and they frequently
involve a lot of taxpayer money. The meetings themselves and the
behind-the-scenes work can be long and tedious. A measure of gratitude and
respect is due to those who serve on these boards, usually with little or no

That’s why it is inspiring that in a small town in Kansas
an 18-year-old high school student wants to serve on his local school board. Young
people are not always interested in local issues (Heck, middle-aged and older
people aren’t all that interested either.) so when a rare story like this comes
along, it needs to be applauded. Ben Franklin said, “The world is run by those
who show up.” It’s good news for all of us when young people show an interest
in civic life.

Now, if only we could get 435, 18-year-olds to take over
Congress. It couldn’t hurt.


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