Predictions are generally mixed on the economy for 2013. Some
predict another recession caused by the combination of increased taxes, the
not-yet-completely-known costs of healthcare overhaul and the inability of
politicians to agree of major issues like the debt ceiling and deficit
reduction. Others predict modest but steady growth, urging us to heed the
lesson of the tortoise and the hare. So, when good news emerges, it’s worth a
moment to examine and savor it.

Recently, Travel Weekly, a well respected travel industry
source published its outlook for 2013. The industry appears to be poised for a
good year. Hotels, cruise lines and airlines have been shoring up the bottom line and
trying to match supply with demand. Let’s hope Travel Weekly is correct. The
impact of a healthy travel and tourism industry reaches into every part of the
American economy. Profits for the afore mentioned airlines, hotels and cruise
lines are just the tip of the iceberg (if you’ll excuse the cruise line pun).
Local inns, restaurants, attractions, retail shops and everyone who works for
or supplies these industries benefits. Travelers leave behind many millions
of dollars in local lodging and sales taxes, which means everyone benefits even
if they are not employed in what is typically considered a travel or tourism

Thanks, Travel Weekly for the good news. Let's hope that 12 months from now when we do our "Year in Review" that it also makes this Good News Monday blog.


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