This is the first installment in a 5-part series
summarizing some things that you may not know but should about working with our
firm or creative agencies in general.

1. Nothing means more to us than seeing our clients

After 20 years in business we’ve learned a thing or two
about how to ensure it. First, we need to determine the goals of the project.
Creating awareness, raising funds and selling a product all require different
strategies. Unless we know what success is, we’ll never get there.

Second, achieving the best possible creative work results
from combining what we know with what you – the client – know. We’re 100%
certain of this fact and you have to be as well before you hire us. If you’re
sure that you’ve got the answers to everything and just need someone to carry
out your thoughts, hire a lesser firm. If you want to leverage the combined
experience, knowledge and talent of our team in a true partnership with you –
the client – to do great things, well then we’ve got something to talk about.
This may seem boastful. That’s not my intention. I simply have tremendous
confidence in our team and believe that their skill and talent must be allowed
to shine for the maximum chance at client success.

It's true that we derive professional satisfaction from the creative details —  a great photo shoot, perfect typography or a brilliant new ad concept. It's also true that we win our fair share of awards and peer recognition. Professional satisfaction is important so why would I make a bold statement like "Nothing means more to us than seeing our clients succeed?" The secret is that all of those things are inextricably linked to our client's success. Great work is effective. Effective work leads to client success. And the cycle continues.


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