I must admit that since I started Good News Monday as a
feature in this blog, I am constantly looking for items worth featuring. I see
a quite a few nice stories that are worthy, but rarely does something like this
come along that makes me immediately and without hesitation say, “that’s what Good
News Monday was created for.”

I saw this on Facebook because a friend was one of the 847,000 (and climbing fast) who “liked” it. This is a very moving gesture from one veteran to another
veteran and spouse. It’s a great story for so many reasons. First, it’s spontaneous
on behalf of the giver and totally unexpected on behalf of the receiver.
Second, few things are as powerful as a hand-written note that includes the
words “thank you.” Third, and perhaps most importantly, this underscores a
recurring point of Good News Monday. It doesn’t take a lot of money or dramatic
action to make a difference. It’s not the amount of cash that makes
this gesture so special. The emotion in the recipient’s Facebook post says it


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