Finally, it's Spring. In spite of the cold temperature and
snow-covered mountains surrounding the Roanoke Valley that may lead one to
conclude differently. Spring means people are beginning to think about where to
go on vacation. The data shows that some of you plan your trip within 2-3 weeks
of departure, but we all know you think about way in advance. Like me, for
instance, I'm thinking about right now when I should be working. Now you are, too.

The experts predict that it's going to be a good year for
travel. Some places may surpass 2009 occupancy and spending levels, which
generally speaking, were the peak before the economy slowed to a crawl. If only gas
prices would cooperate I believe we'd see a record number of travelers across

As we head into this travel season, I'd like to ask a
couple of questions in a very unscientific survey. 

1. Do you expect to do more or less traveling this summer
than last? In other words are you taking it up a notch from last year, which can mean not only more or longer trips but also choosing more lavish destinations? 

2. Do you ever make decisions on where to go and where to
stay based on online reviews, such as TripAdvisor?

3. Have computers, tablets and smart phones completely
replaced paper? Do you still like to receive a brochure, visitor guide or some
other printed material before making a decision?

Feel free to leave your comments about one, two or all three questions here in the comments section of this blog, or on our Facebook page or tweet me @mikula_harris.

Wherever the road takes you this travel season, I hope you make the most of your time. Learn something new. Spend time with someone special. Leave your worries behind for a little while. And make good memories.


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