At age 17, in the spring of my senior year in high
school, my thoughts rarely stretched past what I would do on the next weekend. The young man I am about to introduce you to is thinking about how the
program he started two years ago to help autistic kids will continue when he
goes away to college.

You heard that right. Jason Lerner is 17 and has been
running a program to introduce children with autism to tennis with the idea
that sports and exercise helps them concentrate and gives them a sense of
belonging. He and his high school classmates appear to be

His tennis program has already brought good news into a
lot of lives. It’s bonus good news that Jason will continue to study autism in
college. Just take a look at this video and notice the way he talks about
program and the kids it serves. I have a feeling we might hear his name again
in the future.


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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