Today’s Good News Monday practically wrote itself, although that makes one wonder why I’m a little late in posting it. I hope you will agree that when a crisis erupts, it brings out the best in people. When the crisis is an attack on an American city, it’s like an attack on all of us.
So, today we bring you a few examples of good news that emerged from the horrifying news that broke one week ago today in Boston.

• Like the way neighborhood restaurants responded during the chaotic aftermath of the bombing knowing that so many people from outside the city were there for the race and had no way to get home and no where to go. Read it.
• Like the Boston cop who personally brought milk to a family with a small child in a neighborhood on lock down. See it. 
• Like the fans at a Boston Bruins game belting out the national anthem with extraordinary pride and Bruins’ long-time singer encouraging the fans. Hear it. 
• Like a former New England Patriots player who just happened to be near the finish line. His brothers were first responders in NY on 9/11. John Andruzzi made a conscious choice to help others last Monday. Read it. 

There are so many more examples that we could go on and on. The local and state police along with FBI investigators did an amazing job. Officials took appropriate steps to ensure safety and reassure the public. Runners and spectators headed straight to local hospitals to donate blood. After witnessing the most vile sort of evil in our world, the community responded in compassionate and selfless ways. I think it helps to focus on that for just a little while.


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