One of the few awards show I like to watch is the ESPY Awards on ESPN. Although I have written before in this blog about how America needs better role models than highly paid, bad boy athletes, the world of sports does provide some amazing moments. Sports offers some important benefits to society. First, it pushes people to work hard to improve their own skills and performance. That goes for not only the best athletes in the world, but also for amateur golfers, tennis players, runners and others in every single community. Second, it brings people together. Friends and neighbors can disagree on many subjects, but when they're both fans of the same sport, ot even better, the same team, nothing else seems to matter.
This years ESPY Awards found a story that combined both of these things. It's a story of a father and son that will leave you speechless. First, get the background on Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick. Then watch their brief speech as they accepted the Jimmy V Award at the ESPYs, noticing the response from the crowd and the looks on athletes faces as they realize that their multi-million contracts and their world of privilege and perks don't mean a thing compared to what the Hoyts have faced.


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