I read several travel and tourism industry blogs, e-newsletters and websites on a daily and weekly basis. I like them all for different reasons. They keep me informed of the latest trends and research and also introduce me to unique perspectives. One of the things I look forward to most is the weekly round up of travel and tourism's best ads of the week as compiled by skift.com.

Sometimes the ads are for airlines, hotels or destinations including countries. They can include 30-second TV spots or extended videos. Because I work for an agency that specializes in tourism marketing, I look at advertising a little differently than most consumers. Some of it I simply dislike. Some I think is OK and I understand the strategy they are pursuing. And once in a while I'll see something so fantastic it makes me wish I had been a part of that project, which I think is the highest from of flattery in the ad business. For example, the Westjet video in the link above is absolutley brilliant — a great idea that was superbly executed. Some of the destination videos, however, got me thinking about places closer to home.

I realize that skift.com can't possibly scour every tourism video being produced. They tend to include videos from national tourism boards and major world cities. I contend, however, that lesser known destinations can produce creative advertising that is equal to or better than some of skift.com's recent selections. I feel that way because our firm is producing some of that work. No disrespect is meant toward skift.com or any of the ads they have featured. They're great. We just want to help them find equally great advertising in smaller destinations like the ultra-cool town of Abingdon, Virginia. It's a beautiful spot in the mountains of southwest Virginia, home to the famous Barter Theatre and a historic, musical and artistic vibe so palpable you'll leave feeling inspired to create your own masterpiece. Check out their video "It's always play time in Abingdon" and if you agree that it belongs on their weekly list, let skift.com know by mentioning this blog on their Facebook page or tweeting it using the hashtag #skiftvideo or mention their Twitter handle @skift. I think they'll appreciate the heads up. They obviously appreciate great tourism advertising. While you’re online, bookmark their page. It’s full of great information.


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