There are many reasons why it's fun to be involved in the travel and tourism industry. For example, the people who work in this industry are hospitality professionals. Not suprisingly, they are hospitable people — I mean they are friendly, engaging, fun people to be around. While it is 100% true, it seemed too obvious to even include on the list. Here are my other five.

5. It requires research. In order to do branding and marketing properly, you have to gather a lot of data about your destination, its assets, your potential target markets and demographics and more. Having great research data at the beginning will make the creative work better. Gathering data on a continuous basis will let you know how you're doing. When it comes to research, it's all good.

4. Learning about new places. Developing a truthful brand requires really getting to know a destination. That may sound tedious to some. It's a genuine pleasure to me. I believe that every community has a story that is worth sharing. It's fun learning about places and finding out what makes them wonderful and unique.

3. Economic development. When our client is an entire community, we're not working to put profits into the pockets of any single business or person. Instead we have the opportunity to bring increased business to lots of people and businesses, including restaurants, cultural institutions, retail shops and, of course, all the wonderful people who work on the front lines of hospitality.

2. Focus on the good. For the most part across the industry— and definitely within our scope of clients — tourism advertising doesn't criticize a competitor in order to get ahead. It feels good to be able to generate results for a client and economic benefit for a community without having to target another community. Raising up places and people is what we're all about. Bringing down places and people with negativity and criticism is for the small-minded.

1. The creativity matters. In some industries the most effective advertising is comprised of making questionable claims or producing ads with big red "Act Now" starbursts. Thankfully, that is not the case in travel and tourism. Creativity truly makes the difference. From a unique approach to branding to great photography to creative uses of new and traditional media to pushing the envelope on great ad campaigns. Who wouldn't prefer to be surrounded by creativity each day?


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