Google is considering an ad-blocking feature that will filter out specific ad formats that negatively affect the user experience. The types of ads include pop-ups, video ads that auto-play with sound and “prestitial” ads, which are the large ads that show up and cover the content you logged on to see in the first place. Ironically, before I could read the article at the Wall Street Journal online I had to close one of those obnoxious ads. Then again, I was not viewing it on Google Chrome.

I’m in the advertising business and I’m OK with the idea of this ad-blocking feature. I’m also an internet user and will readily admit that pop-up ads really are annoying.

Since I am in the tourism advertising business, I would really like to see technology that filters out lame tourism ads. I suggest that all of our lives would be better if we never saw an ad that said, “find something for everyone” or “eat, stay, play”? If I could, I would set the preferences to an even stricter level and filter out any that use the word “nestled” or feature a photo of people pointing off into the distance at absolutely nothing.

Maybe I’m more of an ad snob than most consumers. If I see a pop-up video ad that auto-plays with sound running an ad with people pointing into the distance, I just might damage the computer’s trackpad trying to close that ad before the voice over has a chance to say, “you’ll find something for ev…”


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