This morning I read a news story about yet another small community getting its first local craft brewery. Visitors definitely enjoy trying local beer just as they enjoy sampling local cuisine. It’s exciting to see the small brewpub scene thrive. It has exploded in growth over the past couple of years. In fact, it has long passed the point where craft beer is a differentiator for any community’s tourism marketing.

Locally produced craft beer is a reasonable expectation now in cities and towns all across the country. Like wifi in a hotel room — you know it’s going to be available and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s really good. Local destination marketing organizations should definitely include every local brewery on their websites and visitor guides just as they always have done with restaurants, nightlife, wineries and shopping.

If you’re counting on your craft beer scene to differentiate your destination, you probably need to put that growler down and make a pot of strong coffee.


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