It's no secret in the tourism world that the things that make a community a great place to live are frequently the same things that make it an appealing place to visit. That's one reason why Tourism and Economic Development departments should work well together. As they recently did in Halifax County, Virginia, when they came together and chose Mikula-Harris to develop a video to showcase the quality of life in the county to be used to recruit people to relocate there. Today, I want to take you behind the scenes.

This client did not want to join the ranks of thousands of other communities with bland videos that say "when you come here you'll find something for everyone." Believe me, our creative team didn't want that either. We rebel against those kinds of videos (not to mention bland ad campaigns and websites, too). We took some time to learn about the key attributes that Halifax County can truthfully boast about. We also heard input from major employers who have to recruit highly skilled professionals about what stumbling blocks they have faced in the past.

While there were so many things we wanted to tell everyone about Halifax County, the main idea to impress upon viewers was that it's a welcoming and friendly place where newcomers will immediately feel at home. We focused on the emotional reasons why Halifax County is a wonderful community in which to live, raise a family, make new friends and enjoy life. It’s not an urban center with the amenities of a big city, but it’s not exactly isolated either. Richmond and Raleigh are nearby. The images and copy convey our message and the voice talent perfectly projects it. Halifax County is proud of the renaissance taking place there and we're proud to help them share the news.

We think the video tells a wonderful story about life in Halifax County. By the way, great outdoor recreation, historic sites and motor sports action are just a few of the reasons to visit Halifax County as a tourist. You might like it enough to stay.




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