Good News Monday — Eight More Days

If you are reading this on the day it's posted, there is precisely one week and one day until Election Day in America. That alone probably will make many readers happy, the same way that a crowd applauds when a long-winded speaker says, "and in closing."...

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Good News Monday — Artists at Work

I started Good News Monday because I think it's good practice to look around and spot the good news in your life each day. It's a sort of "stop and smell the roses" philosophy. I've featured acts of generosity, kindness and heroism. All of which...

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Ski Advertising: A Slippery Slope

I recently wrote about the difference between advertising reach and advertising that reaches out and grabs the consumer in a clever, emotional and effective way. A vivid example showed up in my mailbox the other day. Each Fall, SKI Magazine devotes an issue to ranking...

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Good News Monday – Saluting WWII Veterans

A friend shared a link on Facebook yesterday and I knew immediately that it belonged on Good News Monday. I think appropriate recognition of our veterans is always good news. Young people displaying respect for their elders is also good news. No group deserves respect...

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Good News Monday – Hokie Baseball’s Big Hit

The Virginia Tech Hokie Nation has done it again. The students, faculty, alumni and fans have exhibited tremendous class and grace in recent years – from their enthusiasm for their beloved football program to the collective response to a horribly tragedy. This time...

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Some ideas for Mitt Romney on his visit to Virginia

A presidential debate has such high stakes that it must be stressful. Mitt Romney made an excellent choice to fly directly to Virginia post-debate because October is a great time to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Governor Romney is in Fishersville, located between...

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