Ski Advertising: A Slippery Slope

I recently wrote about the difference between advertising reach and advertising that reaches out and grabs the consumer in a clever, emotional and effective way. A vivid example showed up in my mailbox the other day. Each Fall, SKI Magazine devotes an issue to ranking...

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Good News Monday – Saluting WWII Veterans

A friend shared a link on Facebook yesterday and I knew immediately that it belonged on Good News Monday. I think appropriate recognition of our veterans is always good news. Young people displaying respect for their elders is also good news. No group deserves respect...

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Good News Monday – Hokie Baseball’s Big Hit

The Virginia Tech Hokie Nation has done it again. The students, faculty, alumni and fans have exhibited tremendous class and grace in recent years – from their enthusiasm for their beloved football program to the collective response to a horribly tragedy. This time...

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Some ideas for Mitt Romney on his visit to Virginia

A presidential debate has such high stakes that it must be stressful. Mitt Romney made an excellent choice to fly directly to Virginia post-debate because October is a great time to be in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Governor Romney is in Fishersville, located between...

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Good News Monday – Never, Never Give Up On Kids

If you are a regular reader of this blog, particularly Good News Monday, you have probably seen a pattern. There are certain kinds of stories that I find genuinely uplifting. I never get tired of happening upon new examples. Indeed, the more I hear, the more inspired...

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