Good News Monday!

Today we proudly introduce a new and recurring feature to this blog: Good News Monday. I consider myself a news junkie. I need to know and understand what is happening in the world. Lately though, I have found myself tuning out because it seems that all that is...

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Swing and miss — Steeerike One

Forgive the baseball-themed headline. I’m caught up in Spring fever. From my home I can see the lights of the stadium where the minor league Salem (Virginia) Red Sox play their home games. I’m psyched for warm summer nights at the ballpark. But it’s not the subject of...

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Branding – It Never Ends

I had the great pleasure of speaking to a breakout session at the Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association Spring Meeting yesterday on the subject of Branding for Tourism. It was a lot of fun to present to such a lively group. I encouraged the participants to...

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What makes an integrated campaign?

Readers of this blog know that last week we announced that the name of our agency was changing from Inprint to Mikula|Harris. In preparation for that announcement I wrote several press releases, blog posts, letters and a landing page in which I explained that one...

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A Change for the Better

I am writing this from Tunica, MS, where the Southeast Tourism Society is hosting its Spring Meeting. We have chosen this venue to make a big announcement about our company as we head into our 21st year. We are changing the name of our company from Inprint to...

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Are we alone in the universe?

For thousands of years, humans have pondered the greatest unanswered question of our time: are we alone in the universe? Is there intelligent life out there and if so, will we ever find it or will they find us? With the exception of the occasional tabloid story of...

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The Popeye Principle

“I am what I am,” said the famous cartoon sailor. You have to admire an awkward, skinny guy who is as comfortable with himself as Popeye. It’s a terrific message and great advice for people and places. Destination branding is all about discovering what your community...

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The role of logos in building a powerful brand

A ton of articles and web links come flying across my Twitter stream every day. I peruse some of them and re-tweet a few but I rarely blog about one. I couldn't let this go without comment because it is an excellent demonstration about the importance of logos and...

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Imagining Brand Personalities

Last week I enjoyed a wonderful vacation that included hanging out with friends, visiting my father, and spending four spectacular days on the ski slopes in Vermont. It also included driving through parts of nine states between Virginia and Vermont. All that time...

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My Tuesday in Covington

I spent Tuesday afternoon in Covington, Virginia, which no doubt causes some of you to ask, "Where the Hell is that?" I say, just wait and you'll be hearing more about it. Covington is part of the region known as the Alleghany Highlands on Virginia's...

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