What do you believe?

As the firm I co-founded with my esteemed business partner approaches 20 years old, I have been reflecting recently on the changes we've seen in the advertising world. The industry has changed a lot over these past two decades. Technology offers more ways to reach...

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Reflections on two decades in business

We are in the middle of a major celebration here at Inprint. It began a couple of weeks ago and will continue into early 2012. The reason: we're turning 20 years old. Remember how good you felt at 20? Yeah, we feel the same way. I'm told by experienced...

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The Inprint Economic Stimulus Act of 2011

In this blog a few days ago, we described the economic impact of a modest getaway for a family of four. The example shows how a thriving travel industry can offer a big boost to the nation's sputtering economy and the boost can be immediate. It can create jobs in...

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A Real Jobs Proposal – part 1

When people travel for leisure or business they not only support jobs by spending money on local products and services, they also deposit tax dollars into local communities that desperately need revenue. Without getting bogged down with precise dollar amounts,...

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Branding planet Earth

Does developing a tourism brand for the entire planet sound crazy? Is that regional branding run amok? I know our team could do it and I'm certainly ready to begin a thorough fact-finding tour immediately. The idea may seem silly at first, but it actually brings...

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