Focus on the experience

Advertising gurus will tell you that the way to make your message resonate with consumers is to focus on the benefits not the features of the product. In other words, instead of telling the public the details of what your product can do, tell them why it matters to...

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My Holiday Wish List

I haven't compiled a Christmas list since I was a little kid, so writing this was a lot of fun. It’s much easier to create a wish list as a kid because kids want everything and they don’t know what’s possible. So why not wish for more snow days or x-ray vision. It...

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Branding advice from City Slickers

One of my all-time favorite movies is City Slickers starring Billy Crystal. It's about three middle-aged buddies who take a vacation to a working ranch and go on a cattle drive. The tough-as-nails crew boss is played by Jack Palance, who in a famous scene tells...

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Political Advertising: No, thanks

In this final week of campaigning there is an advertising blitz going on designed to help people make their decision before election day. The only conclusion that all this advertising leads me to: I'm really glad that our firm specializes in tourism, hospitality...

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Roanoke, VA : Outdoor Hub of the Mid-Atlantic

Q. What is the most famous hiking trail in America? A. The Appalachian Trail, and nearly a quarter of its 2100 miles are in Virginia including long, scenic stretches that run right through the Roanoke Valley. Q. What is the most visited unit of the National Park...

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Choosing the right creative firm

A few days ago I posted the first of a two-part series on making the marriage between a client and a creative agency work. The first part offered a few tips on how to get the most out of your relationship with your agency and thus maximize the return on your...

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Getting Maximum Benefit From Your Creative Agency

In this space we have written about subjects of interest to us as a creative agency – like developments in the world of advertising and the power of creativity. We've also written about topics specific to our clients and prospective clients – like tourism and...

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