Facebook gets more hits than Google

This news may seem exciting only to geeky marketing people. I admit to being one of those, so I find this news historic and frankly not all that surprising. Last week, Facebook had a weekly lead over Google for total web site traffic according to Hitwise. (More...

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The importance of partnerships

We have been fortunate to develop some great professional relationships over the years. Rarely does a day goes by when I'm not reminded about how important these associations are for our clients, even though some of our vendors never meet our clients. We frequently...

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Keeping Awards in the Proper Perspective

We've won our share of local, regional and national awards including a few more that we just picked up at the Western Virginia ADDY Awards Ceremony on Saturday night. But it's important to the meaning of the awards and always keep them in the proper perspective. We...

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Branding as a public service

"Properly done, branding is a service to the consumer." We made that bold statement in a white paper and again in a recent webinar. It's worth a few moments to explain why we believe it to be true. Too often people think branding and advertising are the same thing....

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Creativity = Differentiation

About eight months ago my business partner and I authored a white paper called "The Vital Role of Creativity in Brand Building." I had not seen this subject get the attention it deserves, so we decided to tackle it. I can't fit the gist of the message into 140...

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Clearing up Confusion on Tourism Branding

As I've talked with prospective clients, friends and others I've discovered that there is a lot of misunderstanding out there about the process of branding and exactly what a brand is. It's not surprising because there are so many people writing and blogging about the...

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The Buzz about the Upper James River

For the last few months, the Inprint creative team has been working on an exciting new tourism initiative for the Botetourt County Office of Tourism. The effort and talent of many people have resulted in the launch of the new web site this week and we couldn't be more...

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Branding Season

A question I am occasionally asked by clients is when is the right time to re-brand. While there are practical considerations about when to launch a re-branded web site or a new ad campaign, there is no wrong time to start improving your brand's health. In fact, brand...

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News Flash – Advertising Works

Many thanks to the great staff at Southeast Tourism Society for sharing this article. If word of the strategy explained in the article ever got out it could completely transform the tourism industry, not to mention give the economy a massive shot in the arm. The...

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