Craft Beer – Expectation or Differentiator?

This morning I read a news story about yet another small community getting its first local craft brewery. Visitors definitely enjoy trying local beer just as they enjoy sampling local cuisine. It’s exciting to see the small brewpub scene thrive. It has exploded in...

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Don’t inadvertently re-brand

Who would inadvertently re-brand? It sounds a little crazy when you put it in those terms but it occurs a lot. It happens because even seasoned professionals sometimes don’t have a true understanding of the value of a destination’s brand or how advertising should work...

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The Rise of Relevant Ads

Advertising has changed dramatically over the 25 years that I have been in the business — the tactics available to marketers, the amount of data behind every strategy, the media options, the blurring of lines between advertising and other forms of communication...

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How to know when a destination needs to rebrand?

One of the most common questions asked of me is “How do I know when it is time to rebrand?” I often say that if you already have enough doubt in your mind about existing brand strategy (or lack thereof) to ask the question then it’s probably time. Hopefully it doesn’t...

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What we need is technology to block lame ads

Google is considering an ad-blocking feature that will filter out specific ad formats that negatively affect the user experience. The types of ads include pop-ups, video ads that auto-play with sound and “prestitial” ads, which are the large ads that show up and cover...

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