2016: The Year in Review

I wouldn’t expect this post to take too long to write. After all, the year itself passed in the blink of an eye. Unless you watched a lot of election coverage, then it seemed interminable. The year started with our team being very busy with client work and ending the...

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Random Thoughts – Tourism Conference, Awards, More

Random thoughts from a busy week of being on the road and attending a regional tourism conference. • The more time I spend in Alabama the more I like it. In addition to driving through much of the state, I have now spent time in Birmingham, Montgomery and Huntsville....

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When Destination Brands Get it Right

We talk about brands a lot here in this blog. We talk about how a brand is much more than a logo. We believe a brand is how people think and feel about a destination — in other words, its reputation. We also say that to be successful a brand must be built upon a...

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A Great Getaway in West Virginia

Right now we are putting the final touches on a new case study to be posted within a couple of weeks. I think that the readers of this blog who work in tourism marketing, or marketing in general, will find it interesting. We'll share some research and conclusions...

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