Virginia’s Blue Ridge leaders are a Shining Example

For a moment it was a Blue Ridge Day in Jacksonville, Florida. On Tuesday, November 5, the Southeast Tourism Society held its annual Shining Example Awards banquet honoring the best in the industry. Friends and colleagues who I have known and admired over the years...

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Not suggesting another name change, but…

In 2005, the International Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus (IACVB) changed its name to Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI). This made the organization more inclusive of all entities promoting their destination, such as chambers of...

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Mountains of research, but little creativity

I work with some highly creative people and also with some serious researchers. I've always been fascinated by the way research and creativity work together. My business partner and I even co-authored a paper on the role of creativity in brand building in which we...

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Good News Monday — Building Character at Philmont

Today’s good news appeared in Sunday’s Roanoke Times. The highlight of the entire newspaper was this excellent article on a group of local scouts and leaders who participated in a high adventure program n New Mexico. The writer does a great job of describing how a big...

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Good News Monday – “Sir will you run with me?”

Those of you who have been reading Good News Monday for a while could probably see this choice coming from a mile — or as much as five kilometers — away. This blog has written extensively about great stories of perseverance, role models, the achievements of young...

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Tourism is non-partisan. Support Brand USA

Can we please all agree that tourism is non-partisan. Considering that tourism is among the largest industries in the world and that even in our sluggish economy, the travel and tourism sector is outperforming nearly every other sector, you would think there would be...

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A Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip

I was pleased to see this great (Fair and Balanced) travel feature about the Blue Ridge Parkway on The Blue Ridge Parkway is a national treasure — the most visited unit of the National Park Service — so any time travel writers wish to rave about it,...

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The Amazing Power of Great Brands

Do brands matter? Ask Coca-Cola. Their brand is estimated to be worth $77 billion. That's right, billion with a "B." That's more astonishing when you consider that a brand isn't something you can hold in your hands or stash in a safe...

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