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New Market, Virginia

The Challenge

You might think that as a small town located in the center of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, New Market is a charming and idyllic place. Yes, it is, but that does not help to differentiate it from other awesome towns in the region. Not to mention, one of the best-known things about the town is that it is the site of a Civil War Museum that stands on the site of a major battlefield. While it is important to residents of the town that its historic assets be preserved, they also want people know that there is more to New Market than the battlefield and museum.

The Strategy

New Market has a long and storied history. It’s located on the famed Wilderness Road Migration Route. The town also had an impressive post Civil War industrial boom. The reason that much of the history occurred there, including the Civil War battle, is that New Market happens to be located at a natural crossroads. A natural gap that became a well-traveled east-west route across the mountains intersected with the iconic north-south migration route. That junction led to the formation of a town and a constant flurry of activity and history.

As transportation improved, more people passed through New Market, bringing opportunity and prosperity. The entrepreneurial spirit of the residents ensured that visitors had services like lodging, provisions, wagon repair and more. New Market may have been born because it was a spot where people needed  to pass through, but hospitality, friendliness and creativity of its people soon turned New Market into a place where people wanted  to be.

More than 200 years of history, combined with the spirit and pride of people who call New Market home, and a postcard-like surrounding in the Shenandoah Valley, continue to make modern-day New Market a place where people want to be. It’s a desirable place to live and a charming and beautiful place to visit.

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The Results

The brand image makes a bold statement about New Market. It might take some people by surprise to see such a modern style in the town’s new logo. It does, however, represent the truth about the people and direction of New Market. It’s a historic town but it’s constantly looking toward the future.

New Market’s Brand Essence is “The historic center of the Shenandoah Valley” and its Brand Promise accurately says the town is “A place where people want to be.” These statements are perfectly summarized in the marketing line “Historically Welcoming.”


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